What is the Frog Costume on TikTok?

If you’ve been scrolling through TikTok or its Chinese counterpart, Douyin, you’ve probably come across videos featuring people in frog costumes. These videos have been gaining attention, and whenever someone salutes the frog costume, it salutes them back. The costume often includes a stick with inflatable frogs hanging on it.

What is the Frog Costume on TikTok?

In a particularly popular video, a person saluted the frog, but while the frog costume saluted back, the individual stole the inflatable frogs. These frog costumes have become the target of pranks and have garnered countless views.

In this article, we’ll explain what the frog costume on TikTok is all about and its origins, which can be traced back to Singapore and China.

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The Origin of the Frog Costume on TikTok

The frog costume on TikTok originally gained prominence through street vendors in China. These vendors would sell baby frog toys and inflatable frogs to the public while wearing frog costumes.

The viral sensation surrounding the frog costume began when a video surfaced of a Shanghai city official asking a vendor to remove the frog costume. Apparently, the street vendor had violated city management regulations as he lacked the necessary authorization to sell the toys. The video quickly spread across Sina Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, capturing the attention of a wide audience.

Media reports revealed additional instances related to the frog costume. In one incident, a resident from East China’s Anhui Province was discovered wearing the costume while selling baby frog toys. He was found crying on the street.

Another report mentioned a resident who wore the frog costume while riding an electric bicycle and was subsequently fined 20 Yuan for not wearing a helmet. These incidents further fueled the popularity of the frog costume.

The Frog Costume Trend Takes Over TikTok

What is the Frog Costume on TikTok?

Soon after the videos and images of the frog costume went viral, people began wearing the costume themselves and sharing their experiences on TikTok. Numerous videos surfaced, showcasing humorous interactions between the frog costumes and the public.

One particularly popular video, posted by @ariaa416, known as “Frog anecdotes” on TikTok, garnered over 120 million views. The video depicted two individuals in frog costumes walking together. When a man saluted one of them, the person in the frog costume saluted back but accidentally kicked the baby frog toys held by the other person. This video helped solidify the trend and increase its reach.

The Origin of the Frog Salute

The frog costume salute, which has become a defining feature of these TikTok videos, finds its origin in the Japanese manga series called Keroro (Sgt. Frog).

Prior to becoming a meme, the frog costume was worn by street vendors in China selling frog toys. The most popular frog salute video, with over 120 million views, was posted by @ariaa416 on TikTok.

In this video, one person in a frog costume salutes another person in a frog costume, and the salutation is reciprocated. However, during the salute, the person unintentionally kicks the baby frog toys held by the other person. This comedic incident showcases the playful nature of the frog costume trend.

Keroro, the manga series from which the frog salute originated, was created by Mine Yoshizaki. The series gained popularity and eventually spawned a television adaptation. Keroro, the main character, is known for his distinctive salute. On TikTok, a person in a frog costume replicates this salute by stomping their foot on the ground before performing the salute. This action is reminiscent of Keroro, who also stomps his foot before saluting.

To witness this action in Keroro, you can refer to the first five seconds of the Keroro opening theme song uploaded by BN Pictures. Additionally, around 20 seconds into the video, five frogs can be seen stomping their foot before executing a salute. The opening theme song alone has garnered over 1.7 million views on YouTube and has received more than 1,000 comments, predominantly in Japanese.


The frog costume trend on TikTok and Douyin has taken the internet by storm. Originating from street vendors in China, these costumes have captured the public’s attention, with videos showcasing interactions between the frog costumes and enthusiastic onlookers.

The viral nature of these videos can be attributed to their playful and humorous content, including the popular frog salute. This salute finds its roots in the Keroro manga series, where the main character, Keroro, performs a distinctive salute after stomping his foot.

The frog costume trend continues to entertain and bring joy to TikTok users worldwide.


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