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Hello there! Bonjour. Hola. Ciao. Aloha. Ni Hao. And all the other hundreds of possible ways to greet someone. If you haven’t noticed before, the world is filled with languages and cultures from countries all over. Each language has its own sub-dialects that further split people apart.

But when a person decides to leave their comfort zone and learn a new language, we all unify again. The thing that created the split in us is what allows us to reunite. That’s why learning new languages can be an important and life-changing experience.

In the past, learning a new language involved finding books and a great tutor. Often, you could only practice when you were physically with this person. Thus, online platforms have formed to provide an easier way to learn a language.

iTalki is one of these platforms that focuses on providing language skills to any user. iTalki not only teaches students but also provides an income to their tutors. iTalki will take on any user as a tutor, as long as they have the skills for it.

Even still, iTalki also offers compensation to publishers willing to advertise their content. You could start making money from iTalki right now! Keep reading to find out how to make money using the iTalki Affiliate Program.

What is iTalki?

Each person speaks some sort of language. Otherwise, it would be almost impossible to live in this society.

Even those who are deaf can speak, and those who are mute learn how to write. However, most of us only learn one language in our whole lives.

If you go to school, you’re forced to learn a second language.

The schooling system often turns children against learning new languages. This is due to the fact that we are asked to speak it in front of friends and take tests on it. And if we don’t pass these tests, we could be held back an entire year!

Luckily, when you grow up, the choice falls back into your own hands. Language becomes a new way to socialize with people from other places.

The only trick is finding a place to learn these languages.

Well, look no further, as iTalki has got your back! iTalki is one of the best platforms to learn a new language on. iTalki offers 1-on-1 lessons or the chance to learn through their handy online tools.

iTalki offers tutors and lessons in the following languages:

  • Arabic;
  • Chinese;
  • English;
  • French;
  • German;
  • Hindi;
  • Italian;
  • Japanese;
  • Korean;
  • Portuguese;
  • Russian;
  • Spanish.

Though there are iTalki tutors who offer any other languages you might want to learn.

There are even iTalki tutors who focus on accent reduction or pronunciation. That means these tutors can help you learn or lose an accent.

The real benefit for publishers is the iTalki affiliate program. Let’s take a look at ways to make money online with iTalki.

Affiliate Marketing

Ah, affiliate marketing – the new backbone of making money online. If you’re looking for a new and easy way to make money, you need to try out affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing offers publishers a chance to earn an income for showing ads in their content.

If you’ve ever been in a big company, you’ll see that there’s no time for marketing. Or the marketing department is messing things up.

That’s why brands put their content into the safe hands of those who already know how to advertise.

In return, these brands pay a commission based on how much traffic you bring to their sites. The more user actions you can send their way, the more you’ll earn each month.

To get this right, affiliate programs tie each affiliate link to a set publisher. This allows the advertiser to pay the right publishers when they receive traffic through different links.

This also ensures that no publisher can steal traffic from other publishers.

There are two basic types of affiliate links, including:

  • Standard links;
  • Deep links.

Standard links are simple in that they only take users as far as the affiliate homepage. There isn’t much chance of this converting to a sale or lead, so these links have a lower rate.

Deep links are where the real money in affiliate marketing is. These take users straight to pages that end up as sales or new leads.

If you want to make money using iTalki, you need to first sign up with their affiliate program. Let’s take a look at how you could sign up for iTalki right now!

The Admitad Partner Network

Most publishers sign up for affiliate programs directly through the affiliate website. This is an okay way to go about things if you only want to promote one affiliate program.

The problem arises when you have to track many advertisers across even more websites.

Cue the Admitad Partner Network.

Admitad takes away the chaos of tracking all your advertisers by keeping them all in the same place.

Admitad offers a wide range of features, including:

  • Find the best advertisers to partner with;
  • Collaborate with many advertisers;
  • Track all advertisers in one place;
  • Create affiliate links;
  • Get support from the Admitad team.

Beyond having all your advertisers in one place, Admitad also has a store of advertisers for you to choose from.

The catalog contains brands from any niche you could think of. If you’re bored of promoting the same content, change it up by using a random advertiser!

The Admitad Partner Network also lets publishers create their own affiliate links.

Normally, publishers would have to wait for the advertiser to send over links to promote. Admitad speeds up this process.

Publishers can simply click on an advertiser and generate a link on the spot.

Lastly, Admitad is known for its responsive support team. As well as for its solutions for influencers, creators, and publishers.

If you’re looking to partner with large brands, Admitad can connect you to:


Now that you have the affiliate links in place, it’s time to see how you can actually make money from iTalki.

How to Make Money Using the iTalki Affiliate Program

If you want to learn how to make money through iTalki, you have to learn how to advertise for iTalki.

Each affiliate program always comes with its own set of rules and T&Cs.

When you choose to sign up for any program, research all about the program beforehand.

Before we get into the specifics for iTalki, let’s look at a few simple rules for advertising:

  • Prioritize honesty over profit;
  • Form strong user relationships;
  • Create quality content;
  • Use HD photos and videos.

Creating online content comes with a world of possible backlash.

Be prepared for any comment that a user could throw at your affiliate marketing. You will be fine, as long as you remember that the right users will find your content. But it’s better if you find them first!

Advertising for iTalki

The first thing you should look out for is that iTalki doesn’t allow any traffic from websites that contain:

  • Sexual or pornographic content;
  • Violent content;
  • Any content that contains discrimination;
  • Illegal activities;
  • Software downloads;
  • Duplicate websites of iTalki.

If you want to make money with iTalki, you need to ensure you stick within their boundaries.

iTalki allows many types of affiliate marketing, but the following forms are forbidden:

  • Affiliate spamming;
  • Misrepresentation of your identity, domain, or email address;
  • Trademark violations;
  • Brand and keyword bidding.

Affiliate spamming is when publishers contact users too much once they’ve signed up. These publishers send too many ads to the users. This only ends up scaring users away from the publisher’s and affiliate sites.

The same goes for publishers who lie about who they are and provide false content. Users will leave a website that seems false or too busy. Websites that overload users also damage the income that a publisher can earn.

Any action that could be a copyright violation of the iTalki trademark will result in a blocked publisher account. The same will occur for publishers who do not redirect campaign traffic to their own website. After that, they can freely direct that traffic to the affiliate site.

Lastly, brand bidding is a big no-no when it comes to many affiliate programs. Brand bidding is when people pay for keywords to appear higher in search engine results. This brings in unwanted traffic from users who didn’t naturally find the website.

While there are many ways to make money with iTalki, let’s take a look at how much you can earn from your efforts.

How Much Money Can You Make Through iTalki?

Once you’ve signed up for the iTalki affiliate program with Admitad, you’ll find the following rates:

  • EPC (Earnings Per 100 Clicks): $5;
  • Cookie Lifetime: 30 days;
  • Conversion Rate: 0.23%;
  • Approval Rate: 94%;
  • Average Hold Time: 35 days;
  • Average Payment Time: 36 days.

With iTalki, every time one hundred users click on your link, you’ll be paid $5. On top of that, iTalki offers a decent chance to earn $18 per new signup. As long as the new registration happens through your link. And the new user must buy something worth more than $10.

iTalki has a cookie lifetime of around 30 days. That means it takes 30 days for the link between a user and an affiliate program to expire.

The longer the lifespan of a cookie, the more likely you’ll be paid for returning users’ actions.

Each month, iTalki offers a performance tier extra bonus to publishers who meet certain requirements.

iTalki affiliate program’s extra bonus has the following tiers:

  • 10 FTP: $10 USD;
  • 30 FTP: $36 USD;
  • 60 FTP: $78 USD;
  • 90 FTP: $126 USD;
  • 120 FTP: $180 USD;
  • 150 FTP: $240 USD.

Now that you know how much you’ll earn, it’s time to learn about the best ways to make money using iTalki. This includes learning how to promote any affiliate link that you get your hands on!

While some publishers have experience in marketing, affiliate marketing has its own rules.

The first step to promoting your advertiser is finding the best platforms to work on.

While each publisher has their own method, the most commonly used platforms include:

  • Social media platforms;
  • Personal content websites;
  • Personal or business blogs;
  • Video / podcast / audio content;
  • Collaboration;
  • Influencing.

Each publisher needs to use social media accounts to promote their advertisers. Whatever you do, make sure you use the built-in monetizing features.

If you can’t use them, try a platform called ConvertSocial. This platform makes it easy to monetize any content across popular social media accounts!

Some of the more popular social media accounts to monetize include:

The best part of affiliate marketing is that there are two ways you can market your advertiser’s content:

  • Passive affiliate marketing;
  • Active affiliate marketing.

Passive affiliate marketing is used by publishers who already have their own content. The affiliate links and ads are extras in between their own content. Many publishers place affiliate ads as banners or side ads for users to happen upon.

Active affiliate marketing requires much more dedication. These types of publishers often dedicate entire sites to the affiliate content. The sole purpose of the site is to push users towards affiliate content and products.

Affiliate marketing strongly relies on the changing online trends and themes each day.

While a certain marketing strategy may work today, it could be useless next month.

You might have worked so hard to make income this month, and then next month you make twice as much.

As long as you keep going back to your marketing, you will make a good income. Those who know how to make money from iTalki are consistent in their marketing!


Now that you know how to make money using iTalki, what are you waiting for? There are endless users just waiting for your content to lure them in.

Besides, so many people want to learn new languages but are too scared to do it. Your affiliate marketing could change someone’s life without you even realizing it.

Affiliate marketing goes beyond just publishers just earning an income. Affiliate marketing is the basis for why users buy certain products over others. Your use of social media, copywriting, and SEO can define a user’s life choice.

Imagine that one of your users signs up with iTalki based on your recommendation. They decide to take German and move to a European country.

They meet the love of their life only because they were able to talk to them in the same language.

While you might think your marketing is a small action, it can change much more than you’ll ever realize.

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