Is Loreen’s Tattoo Copied? Why Tattoo By Loreen Sounds Familiar

In this article, we will explore the comparisons between “Tattoo” and other songs and analyze whether the similarities are just a coincidence, including whether Loreen’s Tattoo is copied and why Tattoo by Loreen sounds familiar.

Is Loreens Tattoo Copied? Why Tattoo By Loreen Sounds Familiar

Is Loreen’s Tattoo copied?

Loreen, the Swedish singer and songwriter, made history at Eurovision twice, winning in 2012 with Euphoria and again in 2023 with Tattoo. Despite her remarkable performance, some fans have drawn comparisons between her winning song and other tracks, sparking debates about whether or not Loreen’s Tattoo is copied.

This article will explore the reasons behind these speculations, the similarities and differences between Tattoo and other tracks, and the controversy surrounding these accusations.

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Loreen’s Winning Moment

Loreen’s recent win has made her the first female artist to win the Eurovision Song Contest twice. The Swedish singer secured her victory with “Tattoo,” a pop track that impressed both the jury and viewers at home. However, some ABBA fans couldn’t shake off the feeling that the song sounded familiar.

The ABBA Comparison

ABBA is considered the greatest act to come out of Eurovision, and it’s impossible not to compare other competing artists with the iconic group. Some fans pointed out that Loreen’s “Tattoo” bore some resemblance to ABBA’s “The Winner Takes It All.”

Some believe that “Tattoo” resembles ABBA’s “The Winner Takes It All,” as both songs share a five-note pattern at the beginning of their melodies. However, the two tracks are different in terms of key and tempo. “Tattoo” is in the key of D# minor, played at 150 bpm, while “The Winner Takes It All” is in F# major and has a slower pulse at 127 bpm.

Despite the similarities between the opening notes of both songs, Loreen’s “Tattoo” has its unique qualities and style that differentiates it from ABBA’s classic hit. While the two songs may share some similarities, they are different musically, making it difficult to say that “Tattoo” is a copy of “The Winner Takes It All.”

Why Tattoo By Loreen Sounds Familiar

The reason “Tattoo” sounds familiar is that D# minor is the relative minor of F# major, and the two keys share many notes and chord progressions. “Tattoo’s” opening vocal melody centres around a five-note pattern (C#, B, A#, G#, B), which then descends (B, A#, G#, F#, A#). The same pattern is heard in “The Winner Takes It All” over the lyric “Though it’s hurting me.”

Aside from ABBA, some fans also believe that “Tattoo” resembles other tracks by different artists. For instance, the pre-chorus melody of “Tattoo” sounds similar to “Flying Free” by Pont Aeri, a song that was released in 1999. Other songs that “Tattoo” has been compared to include “в плену” by Mika Newton, “Skyline” by Amaranth, and “Komodo” by Mauro Picotto.

It is not uncommon for artists to draw inspiration from other artists’ works and incorporate elements from them into their music. However, it is essential to note that this does not mean that the artist has copied the other song or violated any copyright laws.

The Summary

  • Loreen is a Swedish singer and songwriter who has won the Eurovision Song Contest twice, first in 2012 with her hit song “Euphoria” and again in 2022 with “Tattoo”.
  • Some fans have speculated that Loreen’s win was aided by Sweden’s 50th anniversary celebration of ABBA’s victory at Eurovision in 1974 with their hit song “Waterloo”.
  • Despite the speculation about her win, Loreen has denied taking any drugs and has been open about her struggles with anxiety and depression in the past.
  • “Tattoo” has been compared to several other songs besides ABBA’s “The Winner Takes It All”, including “Flying Free” by Pont Aeri, “в плену” by Mika Newton, “Skyline” by Amaranth, and “Komodo” by Mauro Picotto.
  • Despite the comparisons, many music experts have noted that while there may be similarities in the melodies, the songs are musically different and have distinct tones and tempos.


While some similarities may exist between “Tattoo” and other songs, it’s essential to note that music is an art form that builds on previous works. It’s not uncommon for songs to sound similar, especially when they share the same key and chord progressions.

In the case of “Tattoo,” the similarities to other songs are only limited to the opening verse or pre-chorus melody and not the entire song. Therefore, it’s safe to say that “Tattoo” is an original track that Loreen deserves credit for creating.


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