How to Fix HSBC Card Not Working

If you have ever found yourself in a situation whereby your HSBC card suddenly stops working, this is for you. In this post, we will look into the reasons for this and provide solutions you can consider to fix the issue.

Card Not Working

HSBC card is either a credit or debit card issued by HSBC. Note that HSBC is a leading central global banking and financial services organization which provides customers with convenient and secure payment solutions for different transactions, among other services.

Usually, HSBC cards are of different types and vary based on the benefits and eligibility criteria. You can refer to the official HSBC website or contact HSBC customer service to learn more about this.

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However, sometimes, users encounter issues with the HSBC card. This could prevent you from making withdrawals and performing other financial transactions using your card.

In this regard, we will provide you with practical solutions you can apply to resolve potential issues with your HSBC card. However, before we proceed, let’s quickly look into different reasons why this issue can occur.

Why is HSBC Card Not Working?

These are the reasons why an HSBC card may not be working for you:

  1. Incorrect card details: At times, your card isn’t working because you have supplied incorrect card information while performing a transaction.
  2. Card not activated: If you recently received or replaced your HSBC card, you will need to activate it. Otherwise, it won’t work.
  3. Account limitations: Your HSBC account may have been limited or restricted. Certain account restrictions will affect how your card works.
  4. Insufficient funds: If your account balance is lower than the total fee you are paying for a transaction, your HSBC card will be declined.
  5. Card blocks: Your HSBC card can be blocked for security reasons due to suspicious transactions or a suspected security breach.
  6. Physical card damage: If your HSBC card is damaged, it can malfunction.
  7. Technical issues: Sometimes, technical issues from your merchant might be the reason your HSBC card is not working.

How to Fix HSBC Card Not Working

How to Fix HSBC Card Not Working

Now that we have looked into the reasons why an HSBC card is not working, let’s consider the different ways you can fix it:

Solution 1: Verify Card Details and Expiry Date

When you have issues making payments with your HSBC card, kindly ensure that the card details are entered correctly. Simply check that the card number, expiration date, and the three-digit security code on the back are correctly inputted.

Solution 2: Check Card Activation

If you have just requested a new HSBC card or got a replacement, then you need to activate it. Most bank cards require activation before use. To activate your card, kindly follow the instructions provided on the official HSBC website.

Solution 3: Verify Your Balance

If you have insufficient funds in your HSBC account, your card will not work for the specified transaction. Kindly make sure that you have enough money required to pay for the transaction in your account. If it is less than the amount, you can ask for a transfer or deposit to be made into your account and proceed with the transaction.

Solution 4: Check for Account Limitations

Sometimes, your HSBC card could be under certain limitations. The common ones are the credit limit and the number of transactions allowed over a period of time. If you’ve reached your credit limit or exceeded the number of transactions allowed, the card won’t work.

To fix this, you must log in to your HSBC online banking portal or mobile app, review your account activity and check for restrictions that may be causing the card to be declined. In many cases, upgrading your account will resolve the issue.

Solution 5: Check for Card Blocks or Restrictions

If your card is temporarily blocked for security reasons due to suspicious transactions or a suspected security breach, simply contact HSBC customer support and request that restrictions be lifted for your card.

Solution 6: Test Your Card in Different Locations

If your HSBC card is not working at a specific merchant or location, consider using it at other places. This will help you determine if the issue is with a particular merchant or bank. If it works elsewhere, there is likely an issue with the previous merchant. Otherwise, contact HSBC customer support for help.

Solution 7: Request a Card Replacement

If your card is damaged or you couldn’t resolve the issues with your account using any of the methods provided above, you should request a replacement card. The HSBC customer support will provide you with instructions to help you get a new card with ease.

Solution 8: Contact HSBC Customer Support

If your card is still not working after following all the steps above, then consider reaching out to HSBC customer support to resolve the issue. Ensure the issue is well explained so they can guide you appropriately.



If you experience issues with your HSBC card, consider following the troubleshooting steps provided in this post to resolve the issue. However, if the problem persists after trying the steps above, don’t hesitate to contact HSBC customer support for assistance.


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