How to Fix H&M App Not Working

If you’re facing problems with the H&M app not working, this article will guide you through troubleshooting steps to get the app up and running smoothly again.

How to Fix H&M App Not Working

In today’s fast-paced digital world, mobile apps have become an essential part of our shopping experience. The H&M app, known for its trendy fashion offerings, provides users with a convenient way to browse and purchase their favourite clothing items.

However, like any app, it may encounter issues that prevent it from functioning correctly.

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Why is H&M app not working?

Here are the possible reasons why the H&M app may not be working:

  1. Weak or unstable internet connection

The H&M app requires a stable internet connection to function properly. If your connection is weak or intermittent, it can cause the app to malfunction or fail to load.

  1. Outdated app version

If you haven’t updated the H&M app to the latest version, it may encounter compatibility issues with your device’s operating system or fail to incorporate necessary bug fixes.

  1. Accumulated cache and data

Over time, the H&M app’s cache and data files can become corrupted or overloaded, leading to performance issues or app crashes. Clearing the cache and data helps resolve these problems.

  1. System glitches or temporary issues

Sometimes, the H&M app may face temporary issues due to system glitches or server maintenance. This can result in the app not working as expected or experiencing intermittent connectivity problems.

  1. VPN or proxy interference

If you have a VPN or proxy enabled on your device, it may interfere with the H&M app’s ability to establish a secure and stable connection. Disabling these services can help resolve any connection issues.

  1. Battery-saving mode restrictions

Battery-saving modes on some devices restrict the functionality of certain apps to conserve power. If your device is in battery-saving mode, it may prevent the H&M app from functioning optimally. Disabling this mode allows the app to work without limitations.

  1. App-specific bugs or updates

The H&M app may occasionally encounter bugs or require updates to fix known issues. Checking the official H&M website or their social media channels can provide information on any reported app-specific problems or maintenance activities.

  1. Corrupted app files

If the H&M app’s installation files become corrupted, it can lead to various issues, such as crashes or app malfunctions. Reinstalling the app ensures you have a clean installation and eliminates any corrupted files.

By considering these potential reasons, you can better troubleshoot and address the specific issue you may be facing with the H&M app.

How to fix H&M app not working

How to Fix H&M App Not Working

  1. Check your internet connection

One of the most common reasons for app malfunction is a weak or unstable internet connection. Ensure you have a stable Wi-Fi or cellular network connection. Try accessing other websites or apps to confirm if your internet connection is working properly.

  1. Update the H&M app

Keeping your apps updated is crucial for optimal performance. Developers regularly release updates to address bugs and introduce new features. Follow these steps to update the H&M app:

  • Launch the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) on your device.
  • Search for “H&M” in the search bar.
  • If an update is available, tap on the “Update” button next to the H&M app.
  1. Clear cache and data

Accumulated cache and data files can sometimes cause apps to malfunction. Clearing the app’s cache and data can resolve this issue. Here’s how:

  • Go to your device’s Settings.
  • Find and select “Apps” or “Application Manager.”
  • Locate the H&M app and tap on it.
  • Select “Storage” or “Storage & cache.”
  • Tap on “Clear cache” and “Clear data.”
  1. Restart your device

Performing a simple restart of your device can often solve minor app glitches. Restarting helps refresh the system and clears any temporary issues. Press and hold the power button, then select “Restart” from the options.

  1. Disable VPN or Proxy

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and proxies can interfere with app connections, leading to malfunctioning issues. Disable any VPN or proxy service you may be using and try using the H&M app again.

  1. Disable battery-saving mode

Some devices have battery-saving modes that limit app functionality to conserve power. Disabling this mode allows the H&M app to function without any restrictions. Check your device settings for battery-saving options and disable them temporarily.

  1. Check for app-specific issues

Occasionally, the H&M app itself may be experiencing temporary issues. You can check for app-specific problems by following these steps:

  • Visit the H&M official website or social media channels to see if there are any reported app issues.
  • Look for any recent updates or announcements regarding app maintenance or downtime.
  1. Reinstall the H&M app

If all else fails, reinstalling the H&M app can often resolve persistent issues. Reinstalling ensures you have the latest version of the app and eliminates any potentially corrupted files. Here’s how to do it:

  • Uninstall the H&M app from your device.
  • Go to the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android).
  • Search for “H&M” and reinstall the app.
  1. Contact H&M customer support

If you’ve exhausted all troubleshooting steps and the H&M app is still not working, it’s time to reach out to their customer support. They have dedicated representatives who can assist you in resolving the issue. Visit the H&M website or check the app for contact information.


Dealing with a malfunctioning H&M app can be annoying, but by following the steps outlined in this guide, you can resolve most issues and get back to enjoying seamless shopping experiences. Remember to check your internet connection, update the app regularly, clear cache and data, and utilize other troubleshooting methods.

If all else fails, don’t hesitate to contact H&M’s customer support for further assistance.


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